• Fox News and US Politcal Spin

    With the re-election of President Barack Obama, things are set to change in USA. One of the biggest surprises has been that Obama, despite his strong leftist views about American economy, has decided to come to terms with the major business leaders and CEOs of the company’s leading companies and corporations. Clearly, this is one of Obama’s new decisions to strengthen and consolidate the position that has now been nailed firmly for another 4 years. However, the much-anticipated meet between them and him is also a joint ploy to persuade the Congress about solving the current fiscal problems that USA is facing.

    The fiscal deficits of USA continue to be a major cause of worry for businessmen in the country along with the savvy common people. They have cut down their expenses on hiring and recruiting new people as the economic sentiment has been dampened by the deficit. During the phase of the elections, Mitt Romney had managed to pool together the support of businessmen and industry leaders. However, as Obama continued to gain a definite edge over his opponent, some of them switched sides and backed Obama in beating Romney. Now, they expect that their support will be compensated for by Obama’s tough stand on solving fiscal problems.

    The recent reports on Fox News and US Political Spin indicate that the tension inside the Congress House is quite tough on the nerves. This has to do with the fact that there is enough debate going on within the walls of the House. The big names in the meet include GM CEO Jeffrey Immelt and American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault. These are merely some of the many industry leaders who are facing the windfall of fiscal deficits in USA. Therefore, the CEOs are essentially worried about their future. They would do everything to make this meet work in their interests and the nation’s favor.

    Obama’s presence in the meet may set him a bit wrong in the eyes of those who viewed him as a hard-core leftist. However, for most of the nation, there could be some solid benefits with Obama supporting the cause for better fiscal improvements. He has already made a solid and trenchant promise to protect the labor and the middle class folk from the pressure of taxes. However, this may also mean that Obama may have made a false promise as he also promised earlier a contradictory view on the same matter.

    Obama’s men claim that they wish to bring an end to the tax relief that had been one of the positives of the infamous Bush era. However, this is being touted as a move for the US government to raise more money to strengthen the economy by utilizing resources and infrastructure. On the other hand, this is something that may eventually peter out as Obama is now concerned about developing the economy. This is once again because he wishes to consolidate his position about the next term after 4 years. However, as of now, Obama is backing up businessmen for their just cause.