• How to Use the Electric Cigarettes Electric Cigarettes are an exclusive product

    How to Use the Electric Cigarettes
    Electric Cigarettes are an exclusive product. This can be explained in terms of the no tar factor that means there are no toxins found within these cigarettes. This reality makes them unique and exclusive at their place. Many doctors recommend women to switch to these cigarettes while they are in the state of pregnancy. They are doing great in the medical world. It is because they are smoke less hence are unable to affect your metabolism. Moreover they allow you to let breaks in the smoking time period that means you may take few puffs and then put the cigarette away for a long while. The device works for you as if it were some real cigarette.
    Electric Cigarettes Cartridges can be refilled
    On the other hand you would notice that the Electric Cigarettes cost less money. They are unlike the regular cigarettes; hence they last very long in their usage. This means you don’t need to buy them again and again. Many people have claimed that comparing them with the casual cigarettes means a single electronic cigarette can equal to the full pack of the casual cigarette. Hence adopting them could save you up to $4. In addition to this if your cartridge gets emptied you can go for the refilling process by opting for the e-liquid nicotine.
    Exclusive Qualities of Electric Cigarettes
    Furthermore you would have noticed that the Electric Cigarettes don’t let any second hand smoke to go out that facilitates the people all around you. Hence you can easily now use the cigarettes being at office, at home or in some restaurant. The vapors that are produced vanish soon since they are smoke less. The good thing about these cigarettes is that they are not flammable. They don’t even heat up your room.
    Components of the Electric Cigarettes
    If you notice the cigarettes you would come to know that they have total 5 parts that are, a light indicator, a battery that can recharged again and again, a vaporizer unit, a cartridge and a mouth piece. The indicator has got the function to show off light when the cigarette is being used. The battery has the function to provide power for lightning and allowing the vapors to come out. It controls the movement of the vaporizer unit. The cartridge has the duty to accumulate your taste that means it is consisting of the liquid that is full of your desired chemicals. These can be nicotine, strawberry flavored chemicals or mint flavored chemicals. In many of the cigarettes the vaporizer works in combination with the cartridge components.  The mouth piece is used for inhaling as in case of the original cigarettes.
    How the Electric Cigarettes Work
    As you start inhaling the air, the vaporizer puts the battery on the powered state that ultimately turns the cartridge on to functioning. During this step the chemicals are produced in the form a mist in the cigarettes smoke. You can inhale this smoke from the mouthpiece. If the chemicals of the Electric Cigarettes are used fully, you can refill the cartridge through replacement liquid.

  • Do smokeless cigarettes really work? Why so much importance is being given to smokeless cigarettes? In the present backdrop so much is being talked about the efficacies of the miraculous gadgets called smokeless cigarettes

    Do smokeless cigarettes really work?

    Why so much importance is being given to smokeless cigarettes?

    In the present backdrop so much is being talked about the efficacies of the miraculous gadgets called smokeless cigarettes. At time you might even be a bit perturbed as well as dubious about the capacity of this device. Well, the truth is it really works. Electronic cigarettes are considered to have unbelievable capacity of o0ral fixation even by the medical professionals. It is a fact that as time passes by electronic cigarettes are attaining an unprecedented ratio of popularity in the heart of Brazil, US, Switzerland as well as UK.

    When you take some puffs using this amazing device you do not actually inhale any harmful ingredient. What you inhale instead is only vapor. As a matter of there is a bevy of medical professionals who strongly believe that this device can be a possible answer to the habit of chain smoking. It can play a very significant role in fighting back tobacco taking tendencies.

    Technical nitty-gritty’s of smokeless cigarettes:

    Smokeless cigarettes are being gladly accepted as a consistent as well as effective cure to the habit of smoking because of its simplicity. It is a fact that it is pretty simple to use this device as it runs on battery. There are obvious positive aspects because of which the craze for these cigarettes has been continuously increasing in leaps and bounds since 2007. The most powerful features pertaining to this device are as follows-

    • As the name suggests smokeless cigarettes are completely smoke as well as odor free. Therefore you can carry on uninterrupted smoking simply anywhere. It does not get you exposed to the threat of disturbing or intruding other’ area of privacy.
    • It is a specific device that is powered by battery.
    • These devices do not belch out fire so they are completely safe for you to use.
    • When you smoke by using an electronic cigarette you are actually inhaling puffs of vapor only. To be specific; it is vapor from liquid nicotine stored inside the device.
    • There is no harmful ingredient in it that leads you to fatal ailments.
    • There is an atomizer as well as a mouthpiece made of plastic.
    • The greatest advantage that you are going to avail as you use the technical device is surely a great cost saving on your part. You do not even have to spend one third of what you used to pay in order have regular smoke.
    • They are available in chocolate, traditional and mint flavor.
    Protests against smokeless cigarettes:

    However the fact is that even these amazing gadgets have to face some sort of criticism from various quarters. Here is an account of the notions that attempt to make an onslaught on these cigarettes. In one hearing federal court stated that electronic cigarettes too should be regarded as tobacco products. However the good news is the regulation is not confirmed as of now. Even the DOT or Department of Transportation too wants to apply federal regulations on e-cigarettes especially on international and domestic flights.
    However smokeless cigarettes are still uninfluenced by these negative waves because they are hugely being accepted by global citizens.

  • Polyps: Types, causes and symptoms Polyps basically mean an extra growth of cells in various parts of the body

    Polyps: Types, causes and symptoms
    Polyps basically mean an extra growth of cells in various parts of the body. It may grow only in certain part of body like nose, cervix, adrenal region etc. Depending on which parts of the body these cell mass grow, they are further classified. These mass of cells that grow in various regions of the body like in colon, nose, and cervix etc. may cause extreme discomfort. They are unwanted mass of cells and may form an obstruction in the body.
    Types of polyps
    Generally polyp is named after the region it grows in. It usually grows like a projection, but in certain places it may be flat. These are extra masses and may be confused with cancer, but they are generally benign, that is they do not undergo uncontrolled multiplication of cells. Following are the various types commonly observed.
    Nasal polyp: These types are those that grow as an overgrowth of mucous membrane in the nasal cavity. They are mainly thought to be result of allergic reactions. If they are found in ethmoid sinus, then they are referred as ethmoidal polyp, and if they are grown in maxillary sinus, then they are called as antrochoanal polyp. The underlying causes of such growths may be associated with other disease like allergic rhinitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and aspirin intolerance etc.
    Colon polyp: These are overgrowth of mucosa in colon. It can either be flat or raised. These growths are generally benign that is non-cancerous. Alcohol, smoking, over eating of fatty foods, obesity etc. may also be leading factors of such overgrowths. The common symptoms of these are bleeding through anus, blood in stools, constipation or diarrhea.
    Cervical polyp: These are commonly observed in women of age 40 to 50. These are overgrowth in the cervical region. They are characterized by bleeding from anus. This is intermenstrual bleeding. These are finger like projections that hang freely and are fragile in nature. They are generally found in endocervical canal.
    These overgrowths can occur in any part of the body. Above mentioned are the most commonly observed ones. They can also be found in rectum, uterus endometrium etc. Polyp is thought to be like a lesion that grows for no useful reason.
    Treatment of polyp
    It is obvious that there is no one treatment for polyps. It majorly depends on which region these grow and the symptoms that are observed. There are many modern techniques available these days which help to diagnose these lesions easily. Depending on the size of the polyp, the treatment is recommended. If the polyp is big in size, then the only treatment a doctor would prefer is removal of this growth surgically. In order to control or reduce the symptoms, other medications may be prescribed by the doctor. For example, in nasal polyp, nasal congestion may be one of the symptoms and to treat the same, nasal decongestant may be given. If it is due any allergy like allergic rhinitis, then medicines to treat this allergy may also be prescribed. This means that the treatment would greatly vary depending on where the polyps are actually growing.

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  • Things You Should Know about Night Blindness Night blindness is also known as nyctalopia, it is a bad vision in situations of dim light

    Things You Should Know about Night Blindness
    Night blindness is also known as nyctalopia, it is a bad vision in situations of dim light. Since this can make you unable to clearly see in the dark situations, which can make it difficult for you to drive at night. If you are suffering from this condition, then it is really important for you to find out its main cause. Once you find out the cause of this problem, and then start working on it. This problem involves your eye’s health. If this condition is not treated immediately, then it can result in complete blindness.
    Detail description
    Deficiency of Vitamin A is the main cause of this problem. Until and unless the intake of vitamin A is increased, this condition can get worse, mainly if your child is suffering from diarrhea, as well as some other infections. If you are not able to see images clearly under dim light conditions, then you may be suffering from this problem. Your eye retina is supplied with an essential chemical known as visual purple or rhodopsin. Light directly falling over retina brings some changes in rhodopsin and also in other substances, which are present in the cones and rods. Vitamin A helps in maintaining the proper health of the retina. There are different types of night blindness, which are progressive and congenital stationary. Progressive is the type which gets worse with time. Lack of vitamin A is one of the reasons behind this condition. Congenital stationary is present starting from the birth of a baby. This is actually an inherited disease which can get passed on by genes.
    Causes behind this problem
    This disorder can happen to anyone because the cells present in your retina are in charge for your vision in low light. Health of eyes and your ability to clearly see images depend mostly on the nutritional status. There are many causes behind this problem, some are as follows:
    Vitamin deficiency that can cause retina disorder and make your eyes dry.
    Defects from birth only
    Some kind of retinal degeneration such as retinitis pigmentosa
    Adjusting problem in light from the low to high levels
    By the use of certain medications
    Cataracts are also one of the causes for this problem. It is a cloudy area in your eye lens
    How to treat this problem?
    Treatment of night blindness depends on the causes of this condition. If you are facing this problem due to deficiency of vitamin A, then you must take more vitamin supplement. If it is caused due to myopia, then it can be treated by using new glasses. If this problem is caused due to the negative effects of some treatment, your doctor can change some of your medication. If it is caused due to cataracts, then replacement surgery of your eye lens can cure this condition. If you realize that something is going wrong, then immediately talk with your doctor. This could also be a signal or sign for severe condition. Early detection is important if you really want to treat this condition.
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  • Effects and growth of the Tubular adenoma There are many diseases associated with the human body

    Effects and growth of the Tubular adenoma
    There are many diseases associated with the human body. Many of us do not even know the symptoms and signs associated with such diseases. There are many who suffer from chronic diseases while others are luckier. A fast life and no time for exercise have given rise to a lot of diseases which are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. These diseases can be treated and sometimes can be completely cured, but for many of us it is not as easy as it seems. To understand, prevent and cure the different diseases we need to diagnose the reasons causing the diseases, and try to make sure that the correct medicine is provided to the patients.
    What this actually means?
    A tubular adenoma is a disease where cell growth occurs uncontrollably to form a tumour. These tumours are benign in origin and are called adenomas. These are usually tubular in shape. These are usually in the benign state always. These occur mostly in the colon, but can grow in the breast or any other nodal regions of the body. These adenomas have some common characteristics which can be attributed to the fact that this is caused by many underlying causes. There are many people who have been diagnosed with this disease in the recent times. The good news is they do not need to give up hope, with the advance in the field of medicines and treatment these have come down drastically.
    Who suffer from it usually?
    Tubular adenoma has been observed mainly in the people with a problem or a history of disease which are associated with the gastric region that is the liver, colon and stomach. Although these kinds of polyps are formed in the human body, it has been known to be benign and there is a very less probability that it will turn cancerous. It generally looks like a tube in case of people with fatty liver diseases the chances of a person having and developing this disease. Another thing to remember to make sure you prevent fatty liver diseases is as follows:
    Make sure that you keep your body weight under control. Many people try to lose weight too fast which might aggravate the problem.
    Make sure you take a proper and balanced diet. You need to visit the doctor regularly.

    Many times you might have a fatty liver and you have neglected it. Make sure that your food does not contain a high amount of fat, because this disease is mainly due to fatty acids being deposited in the blood.

    It is very difficult to determine whether a person is suffering from tubular adenoma being formed in the liver.

    If you are having symptoms like pain in the upper left side of your abdomen, make sure you consult the doctor and ask him for the precautions .Make sure that you do not neglect your balanced diet and exercise because exercising helps in keeping the weight of the body. Make sure that you go through the biopsy because this is the only test to determine the presence of tumours.
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  • An insight into electric cigarettes starter kit Have you been wondering lately of the most effective way of smoking cessation? Are you weary of trying various methods? Do you often start ways to terminate your smoking habits but ultimately do not stick to them for long due to low self control? If the answers to all the above questions are affirmative you need to pause and give a thought to what follows later in this article

    An insight into electric cigarettes starter kit
    Have you been wondering lately of the most effective way of smoking cessation? Are you weary of trying various methods? Do you often start ways to terminate your smoking habits but ultimately do not stick to them for long due to low self control? If the answers to all the above questions are affirmative you need to pause and give a thought to what follows later in this article.
    Have you heard about e-cigarettes? These are electric cigarettes that have taken every one by awe since the period they were launched in the market. This phenomenal product has received wide acclaims from all people who are too fond of smoking. There are millions of people who are so addicted to smoking that they can’t do without them even for a day. All such people must give this product a thought since it is the ultimate solution of smoking cessation. These cigarettes come along with a starter kit consisting of all essential items that form of integral part of vaping.
    Essential components of electric cigarettes starter kit
    • Atomizers- It plays the role of converting the liquid into vapor thereby allowing you to vape. It acts as the heating element and it is because of the heat that it imparts that the liquid is changed into vapor.

    • Batteries- Since these cigarettes operate with the help of external power supply, batteries serve as the power supplier. These batteries need to be charged and a good battery helps you to get uninterrupted vaping for more than a day.

    • Charger- Their function is very important and you can charge your batteries only when you plug them through the charger to any electrical socket.

    • Cartridge- The prime function of this component is to act as a mouthpiece. Some cartridges also offer the advantage of acting as a storage reservoir for e-liquid.

    • Instruction manual- Although it does not play a direct role in vaping but plays an important role in acquainting you with the needful instructions. It provides information on the apt use of all the components.
    These are the basic components of most electric cigarettes starter kit. Apart from this there may be some other items supplied along with the kit like a pouch or case to carry all the components. Even the quantity of each component may vary from one brand to another. The price factor also plays an important role in the quantities of items provided in the kit. Even the kinds of batteries supplied nay differ considerably from one brand to another. It is wise to opt for manual batteries since it is deemed to give a better throat hit and more satisfaction.
    What is e-liquid in case of electric cigarettes?
    The liquid that is used to be transformed to produce vapor in these cigarettes is called e-liquid. These cigarettes work on the principle of enabling you to inhale the vapor of a liquid which comes in variety of flavors. The prime aim of electric cigarettes is to enable the smokers get the same feel, flavor, physical sensation and appearance of traditional cigarettes sans its side effects.

  • Overview of Anemia Symptoms and Necessary Steps of Treatments As you all know human body consists of various health issues and conditions, but the only difference is some are serious while some are minor

    Overview of Anemia Symptoms and Necessary Steps of Treatments

    As you all know human body consists of various health issues and conditions, but the only difference is some are serious while some are minor. You must have heard everyday people suffering from cold, cough, fever, HIV, cancer, tuberculosis and many more. Similarly, there is another condition that is related to blood cells and many people are suffering from this problem known as anemia. When one is having low red blood cells in the body, then the anemia symptoms are seen. Generally the patient is called as anemic who is suffering from anemia. The human body has blood in two different parts: one is the cellular part and plasma is the liquid part of the blood. There are several types of cells contained in the cellular part of the blood. The red blood cells are the one of the most important type of cells in the cellular part. Second important cell of the cellular part is the white blood cell. All the body parts and lungs get oxygen with the help of the red blood cells. There are certain steps through which the series of red blood cells are produced in the body. When these red blood cells start reducing from the body, the health condition of anemia arises.

    Symptoms of Anemia in Woman

    Since every person is different so the symptoms of anemia are also different for each. The symptoms of women are little different from the men and they are:

    Numb feet or hands
    Dizzy spells
    Nails becoming brittle
    Shortness in breathing
    Pain in the chest
    Pale complexion

    Symptoms of Anemia in Men

    The symptoms of anemia in men are found to be different from that of women. Some of the common symptoms noticed in men are:

    Heart arrhythmia
    Intense fatigue
    Reduced libido
    The color of the stool seems to be abnormal
    Dizziness is the common symptoms for both men and women

    Symptoms of Anemia in Children
    The anemia symptoms have also affected many children as well throughout the world. Through certain common symptoms the anemia in children can be detected.

    Unusual rapid heartbeats
    Discolored skin
    The child with anemia might get muscle cramps and headache
    The child becomes poor in coordination
    There will be changes in the mental behavior of the child

    Causes for anemia

    There are various things that trigger the symptoms of anemia in an individual.

    Pregnancy can cause anemia
    Poor nutrition can be one reason
    Kidney disease can also be one reason for anemia
    Chronic disease can also trigger anemia in the body
    Consumption of alcohol
    Deficiency of iron in the body

    Suitable Treatment for anemia

    Unlike any other health condition even anemia too have effective treatments. If you want to treat anemia symptoms completely, then it is important to take the medication that is prescribed by your doctors. Try taking more of nutritious food and increase the iron level in your food. This can be done by including foods that are rich in iron in your diet. Acute anemia, however, might require special medical attention from professional medical practitioners.

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  • Mono and its causative symptoms Mono, the short form of mononucleosis is a disease caused in adults and is most commonly known as “kissing disease”

    Mono and its causative symptoms
    Mono, the short form of mononucleosis is a disease caused in adults and is most commonly known as “kissing disease”. It is caused by a virus called Epstein-Barr (EBV). It is a highly contagious disease and can be spread though saliva. The doctor starts treatment after a confirmatory blood test.
    The incubation for mononucleosis can vary between four weeks to eight weeks.
    A person suffering from this disease forms antibodies against EBV, and thus do not get it repetitively.
    The liver gland can get inflamed, and the spleen may get enlarged as in hepatitis.
    The person getting symptoms of mono, however, continue to spread the disease for a lifetime.
    Fever accompanied with fatigue, sore throat.
    Lymph nodes get swollen
    Loss of appetite
    Sudden chills that last during the initial stages
    Tonsils and throat getting reddened
    Abnormalities with the liver function
    Red rashes as in measles occurring in only a few mono affected individuals
    Upper eyelids get swollen for the first few days of illness
    Excessive perspiration especially at night
    Rupturing of the spleen that may lead to low blood pressure
    The above assembled symptom of mono serves as the evidence for the disease. But a blood test is all the more conducted for confirmation before medication.
    If the result is positive, the blood sample shows increased multiplication of lymphocytes that has a distinct appearance when studied under the microscope.
    The blood test confirms the abundance of heterophile antibodies and monospot.
    The antibodies for EBV get detected only after the patient suffers from a couple of weeks of illness.
    Cytomegalovirus infection is found in most complex cases.
    Some blood test may also reveal HIV infection.
    Treatment specifications
    There is no subsequent medication directed towards curing mono as such, as the antibodies formed are efficient enough to fight the disease. Anti-viral drugs are also of little use. However, the doctor prescribes certain medicines to give relief out of the symptoms of mono.
    Strep throat can be treated with erythromycin.
    Drugs like Amoxicillin and Ampicillin should be avoided in any case as they may help in developing rashes all over the body.
    To turn down the soaring body temperature Acetaminophen should be taken.
    Certain painkillers can cause relief of fatigue and body ache.
    Sufficient amount of sleep is required for easy recovery.
    The sore throat has to be borne only for a few days after which it gradually subsides.
    Contact sports should not be performed in any case as this may cause irritation to the spleen that has enlarged.
    A ruptured spleen is fatal and should be taken the best care of.
    Swollen tonsils can be treated with cortisone that helps in easy inhalation.
    Mono is a disease most common in teenagers you engage in intimate relationships abruptly. However, since the disease is contagious, kids can also get it, as the germs get dispersed through air while the affected person sneezes and coughs. The disease is in many a time confused with some ordinary disease as the symptoms are very common. Young children recover soon and effectively, but adults take time. The recovery time may also depend upon the technique adapted to detect EBV.
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  • E-Cigarettes Spark Honest Discussion Between Personal Liberty & Public Health

    Richard Carmona, a former candidate for the United States Senate has been endorsing e-cigarettes for quite some time. Carmona is a physician that understands that e-cigarettes do not have the same kind of dangerous toxins in them that traditional cigarettes typically have. Carmona also views the e-cigarette as a way to wean people off their addiction to nicotine due to the fact that the nicotine is available in smaller doses with e-cigarettes.


    You have state legislatures all over the country passing bills that allow e-cigarettes to be sold to eighteen year olds in their state. The fact that e-cigarettes are being treated in the same way that traditional cigarettes are is a sign that more politicians are in fact taking the products seriously. U.S. Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman Bruce Braley, both from Iowa endorsed the ban of e-cigarettes to antone that is under age 18.

    Many retailers are even endorsing such bans, you don’t see people pushing these products when they know that some people may be uncomfortable with the vapor and the overall health questions that can arise with e-cigarettes. Retailers want to offer products that people are interested in, but they also want to offer products that they know are safe as well.


    A number of communities like Los Angeles are pushing for a ban of e-cigarettes in public places. The people that are pushing for an e-cigarette ban like this may not understand some of the calming aspects of the e-cigarettes when you are going through a very nerve racking time, or you may be nervous about the concept of making it to a flight on time. A large number of consumers like the idea of not feeling like a criminal when they walk through an airport.


    The fact that L.A. has banned e-cigarettes in the workplace is something that employers will take note of. An employer wants to be accommodating to their employees, but they also want to make sure the employees are working in a healthy and safe environment. A number of retail groups have seen the number of cigarette sales increase sharply in the state of Minnesota. This means that more politicians in the state will be careful before thy endorse any kind of ban on e-cigarettes. There are a lot of cultural differences between some communities that want to ban or support the sales of e-cigarettes.


    It will be interesting to see where the conversation over e-cigarettes will go. It will also be interesting to see what regulations are going to be passed on the cigarettes.






  • ecigs benefits

    Tobacco Politics – Can Vapor Harm Reduction Survive Government’s Love Of Cash

     Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes: A Modern Method To Quit Smoking For Good

    ecig harm reduction

    Smoking cigarettes can be relaxing and is enjoyed by millions of people in the world, but it is also a leading causes of death and illness.

    Those who do not cause themselves serious harm by smoking will likely experience lower than normal levels of health and a range of other disadvantages. It might seem bizarre to non-smokers that people would spend so much money on a habit that causes bad breath, stinking clothing, discolored fingers, disease, and even death. Unfortunately, smokers do not just enjoy tobacco, but are physically addicted to their cancer-causing hobby, and often feel helpless to quit.

    It takes little effort to begin smoking but can involve decades of stress and wasted money to stop. It is little wonder why a product that can help people give up their addiction to tobacco is so desired by the public. Electronic cigarettes are one of these products and they have already helped countless people by giving them an easy and affordable way to finally give up tobacco forever.

    At first the idea of an electronic cigarette might be confusing.

    Yes, they are still called cigarettes but that is the main similarity – under the surface they aren’t similar at all. A traditional cigarette is simply a primitive way to deliver nicotine into the body, which is what gives smokers the calming feeling that they crave, but there are worse things that are also delievered with that nicotine. Because the tobacco is burnt and the smoke from it is drawn into the lungs, the negative effects are many.

    An electronic cigarette using a completey different method to give the user their dose of nicotine, and it does not involve burning anything or inhaling smoke. Instead, a substance commonly known as ‘eliquid’ (a simple mixture of glycerine, food-grade additives and nicotine) is heated up by a small heating elelement within the electronic cigarette. This produces vapour, instead of smoke, which is drawn into the lungs and gives a feeling much like a regular cigarette. There is no tar being deposited in the lungs with an electronic cigarette, so extreme fits of coughing and many other ailments associated with tobacco smoke are no longer an issue.

    After discovering what an electronic cigarette does, many wish to know how they work. The actual device is made up of several parts. There is a battery, which can be recharged and used many times, and this is attached to a part that holds the liquid and the heating element. The battery sends a charge to the element, and this allows the user to draw vapour from the end of the ecigarette. These devices are easy to use, no matter what the owner’s age or experience with technology.

    Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to continue their habit while quitting tobacco at the same time. The act of smoking is simply replaced with what is called ‘vaping’, or ‘vaperizing’. A cylindrical object is still taken to the lips and a substance that is smoke-like is still inhaled. However, there is no guilt or fear of illness with ‘vaping’ electronic cigarettes. Another perk of using ‘ecigrattes’ over old-style cigarettes is that there are multitudes of different flavors to try.

    In addition to poor health and physical side-effects, many smokers complain of the high price of smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes can save smokers unbelievable amounts of money, without forcing them to give up a habit that they love. It does not take long to realise how much money can be saved by giving up the habit of buying packs upon pack of cigarettes each week, only to burn them up and dispose of the remains. Electronic cigarettes can be used and reused, with the liquid being refilled and some minor parts being replaced periodically.

    ‘E-cigs’ are cheaper to operate than tobacco is to buy, but it also depends on how much a person uses.

    ecigs benefits

    A single, small bottle of nicotine liquid can last a person up to 2 weeks, even during heavy use. For those who ‘vape’ more casually, the cost will be even less. If the consumable products are bought in large quantities, the price will be even lower. Because these devices do not produce smoke, there is no issue with enjoying them inside or in a vehicle. The vapour creates a faint and fragrant scent and quickly dissipates, leaving no lingering stench at all.