• An insight into electric cigarettes starter kit Have you been wondering lately of the most effective way of smoking cessation? Are you weary of trying various methods? Do you often start ways to terminate your smoking habits but ultimately do not stick to them for long due to low self control? If the answers to all the above questions are affirmative you need to pause and give a thought to what follows later in this article

    An insight into electric cigarettes starter kit
    Have you been wondering lately of the most effective way of smoking cessation? Are you weary of trying various methods? Do you often start ways to terminate your smoking habits but ultimately do not stick to them for long due to low self control? If the answers to all the above questions are affirmative you need to pause and give a thought to what follows later in this article.
    Have you heard about e-cigarettes? These are electric cigarettes that have taken every one by awe since the period they were launched in the market. This phenomenal product has received wide acclaims from all people who are too fond of smoking. There are millions of people who are so addicted to smoking that they can’t do without them even for a day. All such people must give this product a thought since it is the ultimate solution of smoking cessation. These cigarettes come along with a starter kit consisting of all essential items that form of integral part of vaping.
    Essential components of electric cigarettes starter kit
    • Atomizers- It plays the role of converting the liquid into vapor thereby allowing you to vape. It acts as the heating element and it is because of the heat that it imparts that the liquid is changed into vapor.

    • Batteries- Since these cigarettes operate with the help of external power supply, batteries serve as the power supplier. These batteries need to be charged and a good battery helps you to get uninterrupted vaping for more than a day.

    • Charger- Their function is very important and you can charge your batteries only when you plug them through the charger to any electrical socket.

    • Cartridge- The prime function of this component is to act as a mouthpiece. Some cartridges also offer the advantage of acting as a storage reservoir for e-liquid.

    • Instruction manual- Although it does not play a direct role in vaping but plays an important role in acquainting you with the needful instructions. It provides information on the apt use of all the components.
    These are the basic components of most electric cigarettes starter kit. Apart from this there may be some other items supplied along with the kit like a pouch or case to carry all the components. Even the quantity of each component may vary from one brand to another. The price factor also plays an important role in the quantities of items provided in the kit. Even the kinds of batteries supplied nay differ considerably from one brand to another. It is wise to opt for manual batteries since it is deemed to give a better throat hit and more satisfaction.
    What is e-liquid in case of electric cigarettes?
    The liquid that is used to be transformed to produce vapor in these cigarettes is called e-liquid. These cigarettes work on the principle of enabling you to inhale the vapor of a liquid which comes in variety of flavors. The prime aim of electric cigarettes is to enable the smokers get the same feel, flavor, physical sensation and appearance of traditional cigarettes sans its side effects.

  • Ear candling – thermal auricular therapy Ear candling or ear coning is a therapy used to remove ear wax and other body toxic

    Ear candling – thermal auricular therapy
    Ear candling or ear coning is a therapy used to remove ear wax and other body toxic. This process has risk factor attached to it. Some experts say that this is an ineffective way and it only harms the body. However, there are experts who agree with this process. This process has different way of treating the ear wax. Many times this process has resulted in injuries rather than recovery. The heat that passes through the ear can harm the body and other critical problems can arise. Ear candling is not an appreciated treatment and many experts do not suggest this.
    Procedure of this therapy
    The therapy is done on one ear after the other. Total time taken is 20 minutes to 40 minutes. The candle is placed on the wax cloth that is placed on the ear. As the flame cuts down the wax enters the ear. The residue comes out with the wax and the toxin also comes out giving you relief. Though ear candling is a certified treatment, yet most of the doctors do not want to go for this as effectiveness percentage is low in this therapy. Many times it has been seen that it does not work at all.
    Positive and negative side of ear coning
    Like everything in this world there are both positive and negative side of ear coning. It cures many diseases, and at the same time, complications are also there.
    The ear hole is cleaned through this process
    The wax comes out, and thus, you can hear clearly
    It relives from ear aches, fever, headaches.
    People suffering from vertigo can come out of it
    Beside these, the other good things are it purifies blood circulation, gives relief from sinus, and normalizes pressure and many more. However, the negative side of this are:
    Both internal and external burn can happen
    Ear drum might be affected resulting in permanent deafness
    Sometimes the brain is affected
    The burn can cause bleeding from ear
    Benefits after going for ear coning session
    Though ear candling is not suggested by many doctors, yet the ones who opt for it do get some benefits out of it. Some of the common disease that are actually cured because of this therapy are snoring problem, acute sinus problem, ear ache, headaches and tension get removed and you feel relaxed. Other benefits are people who are suffering from insomnia get cured with this therapy. The therapy must be done under complete guidance of expert. Though the process is easy, yet you must never try to do this therapy alone at home.
    Wax therapy
    Wax therapy is effective, but applying this within the ear can harm you. There are many other ways to get this cured. If any kind of ear problems are there consult the doctor before opting for any treatment. Ear ointment and drops are more beneficial than going for ear coning. The percentage of success is less in ear coning than any other therapy; therefore make sure you opt for this only under the guidance of a professional medical practitioner.
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  • Grave’s disease should be treated with care! A disease that is caused by the over activity of the throat’s endocrine gland, the thyroid gland is called grave’s disease

    Grave’s disease should be treated with care!
    A disease that is caused by the over activity of the throat’s endocrine gland, the thyroid gland is called grave’s disease. It is also referred to as hyperthyroidism. The thyroid gland is situated in the neck, below the voice box. It releases a hormone thyroxin that is efficient in multiple activities. Another hormone that it secretes is the triiodothyroxine that controls over the metabolic activities of the human body. Metabolism is directly related to the management of differing moods, mental and physical process, as well as weight management. However, hyper or excessive secretion of the hormones secreted from thyroid can cause hypothyroidism.
    Too much of thyroid hormone is produced due to the abnormal behavior of the immune system. Grave’s disease is the most common symptom especially in women post 20 years of age. That does not necessarily restrict young and old men to get this disease, as well.
    Common and figurative symptoms
    Increased sense of anxiety and abrupt mood swings
    Breast gets enlarged strangely in men
    Double or blurred vision with protruding eyeballs
    Difficulty to concentrate
    Irritation caused in eyes, with eventual reddening and tears
    Body aches and fatigue
    Abnormal bowel movement with frequent urge to dispose feces
    Intolerable to excessive heat
    Increase in appetite
    Excessive perspiration
    Lack of adequate amount of sleep, insomnia
    In women, irregularity in the menstrual flow
    Nervous breakdown, phobia
    Excessive palpitation, increase in heart beat
    Restlessness and shortened breath
    Sudden tremor of no reason
    Inadequate weight loss
    A doctor first examines the throat and finds the thyroid gland to be enlarged. He then asks to perform certain blood test that show up:
    TSH, free T4 and T3
    Level of radioactive iodine in the blood
    TSI or Thyroid stimulating immmunoglobin to be found in the body
    Antibody formed against TPO or Thyroid peroxidase or for anti-TSP antibodies
    Other tests include, Orbit CT Scan
    The treatment is done mainly done through medication to control the excessive secretion of thyroxin or tryiiodothroxine hormone. To treat the symptoms drugs like Beta-blockers are used that control excessive palpitation, anxiety, perspiration etc. Later the following treatments are applied:
    Radioactive Iodine
    In such cases, replacement thyroid has to be adopted by the patient for lifetime to keep the condition under control, as in these treatments, the thyroid gland is removed or destroyed.
    The treatment done with medication, however, better the condition of eyes that radioactive iodine can worsen.
    Prednisone is prescribed in such cases that suppress the activity of the immune system.
    Complication that may be caused after treatment
    Even after treatment, grave’s disease can cause certain complication and adverse side effects as detailed below:
    Gain in Weight, obesity
    Retarded physical and mental activity, lethargy
    Hoarseness in voice as voice box can get damaged
    Dipping level of calcium in blood due to damage caused in the parathyroid gland
    The neck can get scared
    Eye problems may worsen in certain cases
    Heart failure in adults, stroke
    Osteoporosis can result from medication
    However, no matter what the medication and treatment results into, consulting a registered practitioner is of foremost importance for every person diagnosed with this disease.
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  • Some of the top selling E cigars and its reviews Greeny e-cigars The fumes which are green is always in the setting on the topmost rates of the charts in the e- cigarettes as it delivers the vapor feel ,a guarantee as well as effective pricing which also allows for testing for about 30 days

    Some of the top selling E cigars and its reviews
    Greeny e-cigars
    The fumes which are green is always in the setting on the topmost rates of the charts in the e- cigarettes as it delivers the vapor feel ,a guarantee as well as effective pricing which also allows for testing for about 30 days. If you wish to resolve to get an e cigar which is greens you even have got one year guarantee life period. They also have shipping on the same day which is being delivered without any extra charges for shipping. The whole product is well molded and it is quite reliable. Cartomizers are developed with much of the flavor as well as highly intensified nicotine content. You can never get dissatisfied with the green fumed e cigars.
    South beach fumed e cigars-What about having a starter package of gas rebate of about 100 dollars .The South Beach fumes deliver two kinds of models which includes South Beach fumed e cigars with a starter package of premium mode as well as super performer for making up the lowest valued starter package available in the market which is only 30 dollars. The South Beach fumed deluxe kind deliver a special design which is a two piece unit which makes utilizing the e cigarette only a pleasure. They have got 25 dollars discount program if you give reference to any of your contacts and discount amount of about 10% a guaranteed life period shipping throughout the world and get the guaranteed money back. This brand of e cigars has got a choice of several flavors for both the rattling models.
    V2 e cigars .The name coined ‘V2 Cigs’ is a brand which cannot be overleaped .Though one who supplies the product is quite naïve to this industry ,the wonderful vapor caliber with the start of the batteries which are of premium value is available in three extensions like top notch V2 cartomisers as well as V2 Cigs USB transits. The 30 days guaranteed and warranty mode of one year is not going to get stuck in any manner .V2 e cigars is also best among the alternatives on the market and it is only for people who are completely naïve to the vaping.
    SmokeFril electronic cigarettes-Though Smoke Fril being an appealing name, can be appreciated among the others? The e cigar is serving well in the market, all due to the starter package which it advertises as splendid quality within the budget. It is found that price underselling is creating an increase in demand in the brand and the model is not suited with the performance conditions. Mostly the e cigar users would like the product and also the performance of the e cigarettes. Smoke Fril e cigarette also looks illusionary in look and feel and it also means that the price is very low, though it appears grand.
    E cigars -White Cloud – The White Cloud e cigar is one among the brands which bid a high price. You can relish the investment for a long time as it have a long durable warranty and the huge pharynx which is completely identical to the original flavor of tobacco and feel. With most common Cirrus II as well as Cirrus 3, there will be good advances to the White Cloud e cigars which is ever lasting and reduced scaled battery which have been attained outside any regular brand.
    Blu e cigars.-the e cigar brand not only appear good, but they are also bundled with the class. This will be the brand that you would like to have if you are continuously wandering on the road. The Blu package which charges conforms to 2 batteries as well as four refills, so you can’t arrest off guard. Currently BLU e cigars has joined with the Johnson Creek E juice which will deliver 100% US made e liquid which appears inside the BLU’s most recent technology for cartomiser. The upgrade which is major to BLU E cigars won’t come at the disbursal of the brands grand old value. Blu starter pack also delivers the most affordable price of any e cigar starter pack.

    E cigars-SmokeStick
    The e cigars in the market named SmokeStik is worldwide topmost e cigar brand which is preferred by the celebrities and those who are behind glamour combined with the quality as well as style. The e cigar SmokeStik which was done by Ketherine Heigel’s use of the element on David Letterman who also fumed rings of smoke fire with it on the event. Another user, Dennis Quaid became a voracious user. The well known suppliers deliver naïve and enhanced mode of cartomizers which has its own capacity and most of the best fashionable Starter pack as well as batteries on the market. SmokeStik which delivers both a vaping feel and being veritably classy kind of item shows solid performance.
    E cigar- LUCI –You can go for better and cheaper e cigars which are not only cheap, but completely filled with starter pack, if you purchase a complete starter pack, you will get or receive about 15% discount amount .Luci E cigar are supposed to be the super miniature kind of e cigars delivering their flyspeck type which is usually similar to the conventional cigarette. Luci E cigar being highly popular has a wonderful appearance too along with quality it performs and it is usually obtained with a warranty lifelong. With its hi fi looks and its caliber performance, these e cigars do get a splendid pay grades in the list where all the top e cigars are available in the market.
    The Vapor4Life -Topmost Vapor E cigs-VaporKing- The Vapor4Life branded e cigars also called as ‘Vapor King’ became well known for consistence as well as quality, its support in the superior way and having low budget in the industry majorly about only one in a whole 1000 prescribes. The Vapor King being a sensation in the e cigars having 2 piece units, also uses convenient refilled cartomiser which has its own preloads with the top range flavors with different intensity of nicotine available in the market. Vapor4Life delivers about 150 varieties of flavors having different refill cartomiser and thus Vapor King stands unique in the market which no other supplier can reach their rank.

  • E-Cigarettes Spark Honest Discussion Between Personal Liberty & Public Health

    Richard Carmona, a former candidate for the United States Senate has been endorsing e-cigarettes for quite some time. Carmona is a physician that understands that e-cigarettes do not have the same kind of dangerous toxins in them that traditional cigarettes typically have. Carmona also views the e-cigarette as a way to wean people off their addiction to nicotine due to the fact that the nicotine is available in smaller doses with e-cigarettes.


    You have state legislatures all over the country passing bills that allow e-cigarettes to be sold to eighteen year olds in their state. The fact that e-cigarettes are being treated in the same way that traditional cigarettes are is a sign that more politicians are in fact taking the products seriously. U.S. Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman Bruce Braley, both from Iowa endorsed the ban of e-cigarettes to antone that is under age 18.

    Many retailers are even endorsing such bans, you don’t see people pushing these products when they know that some people may be uncomfortable with the vapor and the overall health questions that can arise with e-cigarettes. Retailers want to offer products that people are interested in, but they also want to offer products that they know are safe as well.


    A number of communities like Los Angeles are pushing for a ban of e-cigarettes in public places. The people that are pushing for an e-cigarette ban like this may not understand some of the calming aspects of the e-cigarettes when you are going through a very nerve racking time, or you may be nervous about the concept of making it to a flight on time. A large number of consumers like the idea of not feeling like a criminal when they walk through an airport.


    The fact that L.A. has banned e-cigarettes in the workplace is something that employers will take note of. An employer wants to be accommodating to their employees, but they also want to make sure the employees are working in a healthy and safe environment. A number of retail groups have seen the number of cigarette sales increase sharply in the state of Minnesota. This means that more politicians in the state will be careful before thy endorse any kind of ban on e-cigarettes. There are a lot of cultural differences between some communities that want to ban or support the sales of e-cigarettes.


    It will be interesting to see where the conversation over e-cigarettes will go. It will also be interesting to see what regulations are going to be passed on the cigarettes.






  • ecigs benefits

    Tobacco Politics – Can Vapor Harm Reduction Survive Government’s Love Of Cash

     Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes: A Modern Method To Quit Smoking For Good

    ecig harm reduction

    Smoking cigarettes can be relaxing and is enjoyed by millions of people in the world, but it is also a leading causes of death and illness.

    Those who do not cause themselves serious harm by smoking will likely experience lower than normal levels of health and a range of other disadvantages. It might seem bizarre to non-smokers that people would spend so much money on a habit that causes bad breath, stinking clothing, discolored fingers, disease, and even death. Unfortunately, smokers do not just enjoy tobacco, but are physically addicted to their cancer-causing hobby, and often feel helpless to quit.

    It takes little effort to begin smoking but can involve decades of stress and wasted money to stop. It is little wonder why a product that can help people give up their addiction to tobacco is so desired by the public. Electronic cigarettes are one of these products and they have already helped countless people by giving them an easy and affordable way to finally give up tobacco forever.

    At first the idea of an electronic cigarette might be confusing.

    Yes, they are still called cigarettes but that is the main similarity – under the surface they aren’t similar at all. A traditional cigarette is simply a primitive way to deliver nicotine into the body, which is what gives smokers the calming feeling that they crave, but there are worse things that are also delievered with that nicotine. Because the tobacco is burnt and the smoke from it is drawn into the lungs, the negative effects are many.

    An electronic cigarette using a completey different method to give the user their dose of nicotine, and it does not involve burning anything or inhaling smoke. Instead, a substance commonly known as ‘eliquid’ (a simple mixture of glycerine, food-grade additives and nicotine) is heated up by a small heating elelement within the electronic cigarette. This produces vapour, instead of smoke, which is drawn into the lungs and gives a feeling much like a regular cigarette. There is no tar being deposited in the lungs with an electronic cigarette, so extreme fits of coughing and many other ailments associated with tobacco smoke are no longer an issue.

    After discovering what an electronic cigarette does, many wish to know how they work. The actual device is made up of several parts. There is a battery, which can be recharged and used many times, and this is attached to a part that holds the liquid and the heating element. The battery sends a charge to the element, and this allows the user to draw vapour from the end of the ecigarette. These devices are easy to use, no matter what the owner’s age or experience with technology.

    Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to continue their habit while quitting tobacco at the same time. The act of smoking is simply replaced with what is called ‘vaping’, or ‘vaperizing’. A cylindrical object is still taken to the lips and a substance that is smoke-like is still inhaled. However, there is no guilt or fear of illness with ‘vaping’ electronic cigarettes. Another perk of using ‘ecigrattes’ over old-style cigarettes is that there are multitudes of different flavors to try.

    In addition to poor health and physical side-effects, many smokers complain of the high price of smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes can save smokers unbelievable amounts of money, without forcing them to give up a habit that they love. It does not take long to realise how much money can be saved by giving up the habit of buying packs upon pack of cigarettes each week, only to burn them up and dispose of the remains. Electronic cigarettes can be used and reused, with the liquid being refilled and some minor parts being replaced periodically.

    ‘E-cigs’ are cheaper to operate than tobacco is to buy, but it also depends on how much a person uses.

    ecigs benefits

    A single, small bottle of nicotine liquid can last a person up to 2 weeks, even during heavy use. For those who ‘vape’ more casually, the cost will be even less. If the consumable products are bought in large quantities, the price will be even lower. Because these devices do not produce smoke, there is no issue with enjoying them inside or in a vehicle. The vapour creates a faint and fragrant scent and quickly dissipates, leaving no lingering stench at all.


  • Top 5 Republican Party Blogs

    The Republican Party is represented online with a variety of different blogs. These top five Republican political blogs are ones that offer many details relating to issues and concerns that people within the Republican Party have these days. These blogs cover many different aspects of the party but are all dedicated to their support of the right side of the aisle. Many of these blogs even offer different opinions relating to what is happening within the party.

    GOP.gov Blog

    This blog is the official blog of the House Republican Majority. This covers many points involving the GOP from the ground up including the latest statements by party members and even weekly addresses from the main leaders of the party. Much of this involves the weekly response that the Republicans made to all of the statements that the President makes to the general public. This blog is considered to be one of the best options to find because it offers many official statements from the party.

    Rabid Republican Blog

    The Rabid Republican Blog is a blog that covers a number of particular points involved with the Republican Party including the needs that the party has for helping to improve the country. Much of this involves an analysis of what the Obama presidency has been doing. In fact, the blog is particularly working hard to repeal Obamacare to try and protect the medical needs that people are often looking to get help from.

    Common Sense Republican Blog

    The Common Sense Republican Blog covers not only Republican issues but also takes a look at the problems with the Democratic Party and the issues involved with the media. This includes criticism of not only liberal media but also of conservative media and how the Republicans are being portrayed by it in different forms. The blog is particularly well organized in sections dedicated to gun control, health care and issues that relate to the use of religion in politics.

    Roaring Republican

    The Roaring Republican blog takes a daily look at points in the party and covers many daily news stories that influence what is going on with politics. Part of what the blog does involves many editorials on political issues with the GOP and even reviews of different books and podcasts that people associated with the party might become interested in supporting. The information listed in the blog may be of strong use to all sorts of people.


    RedState is the last of the top five Republican political blogs for people to see. This is a blog that covers details on a variety of topics that people involved with the Republican Party are interested in following. This includes analysis of different political topics and many other points involving elections and campaigns. The site is particularly popular for offering a variety of different sections dedicated to individual states and how different GOP issues are being run in these areas.

    It will be interesting to see how these Republican blogs offer different points for all sorts of ideas. These points relate to many things that relate to not only the issues involved with the GOP but also with opinions and other considerations regarding how well the party is being run.

  • Top Six Blogs Dedicated to Marijuana in USA


    The industry dedicated to medical cannabis in the United States has expanded dramatically. More states have begun to legalize this product for medical use. The recent approval of the use of this product in the states of Colorado and Washington has only made this all the more interesting to find for all sorts of different points of interest.

    Today there are a number of different blogs that are dedicated to the use of marijuana in the USA. Here’s a look at five of the top options to see when taking a look at different kinds of products to take advantage of when finding marijuana of interest.

    Medical Cannabis: Voices From the Frontlines

    The Medical Cannabis blog is dedicated to listing storing on the legal battles and issues going on with the use of marijuana for medical use. This includes details on how different legal battles are working in different states to try and make it easier for people to gain access to this important substance for their health or pain control needs.

    The Weed Blog

    The Weed Blog offers details on many points relating to marijuana in the USA. Many of these points are dedicated to topics relating to the legal issues surrounding this substance. However, the blog also covers many aspects relating to how to handle cannabis and even how to get assorted recipes with cannabis set up. There are also tips on the blog with regards to how to grow this substance for one’s own use.

    Medical Marijuana Blog

    The Medical Marijuana Blog focuses more on the medical benefits of cannabis and how it may be used by different people. This blog keeps people up to date on legal considerations involving marijuana but much of what is listed here involves taking a look at how this substance may be used for health purposes. This includes plenty of information on how people can acquire cards for access to medical marijuana among many other legal considerations dedicated to this substance.

    Total Health Care Support

    Total Health Care Support lists information on different points relating to medical marijuana and how the different points relating to how well it may be used. This includes taking a look at the ways how medical marijuana may be used in different areas with regards to whether or not it is legal to use in some spots around the country.

    Cannabis Kitchen

    This blog is a little lighter in its tone than some of the other blogs listed here. The Cannabis Kitchen blog does list information relating to different strains of marijuana in the USA as well as how legal considerations are working for them all. However, what makes the Cannabis Kitchen blog so interesting involves the way how the blog is capable of listing details on a variety of different recipes that can be used when mixing medical marijuana into many forms.


    Electronic Cigarette Coupons


    For those who want to quit smoking cigarettes and only smoke their medicinal marijuana instead, you can try saving money on your habit by switching to electronic cigarettes! This is a great site dedicated to helping people quit smoking cigarettes and tobacco by providing them with awesome coupons to use. I figured I’d throw this on here for those who really want to quit!

    It’s a great idea for people who are interested in medical marijuana to take a look at the different blogs that people can use when finding different products of interest. The world of medical marijuana in the United States is covered by these blogs with all sorts of different features for anyone to take advantage of.

  • Fox News and US Politcal Spin

    With the re-election of President Barack Obama, things are set to change in USA. One of the biggest surprises has been that Obama, despite his strong leftist views about American economy, has decided to come to terms with the major business leaders and CEOs of the company’s leading companies and corporations. Clearly, this is one of Obama’s new decisions to strengthen and consolidate the position that has now been nailed firmly for another 4 years. However, the much-anticipated meet between them and him is also a joint ploy to persuade the Congress about solving the current fiscal problems that USA is facing.

    The fiscal deficits of USA continue to be a major cause of worry for businessmen in the country along with the savvy common people. They have cut down their expenses on hiring and recruiting new people as the economic sentiment has been dampened by the deficit. During the phase of the elections, Mitt Romney had managed to pool together the support of businessmen and industry leaders. However, as Obama continued to gain a definite edge over his opponent, some of them switched sides and backed Obama in beating Romney. Now, they expect that their support will be compensated for by Obama’s tough stand on solving fiscal problems.

    The recent reports on Fox News and US Political Spin indicate that the tension inside the Congress House is quite tough on the nerves. This has to do with the fact that there is enough debate going on within the walls of the House. The big names in the meet include GM CEO Jeffrey Immelt and American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault. These are merely some of the many industry leaders who are facing the windfall of fiscal deficits in USA. Therefore, the CEOs are essentially worried about their future. They would do everything to make this meet work in their interests and the nation’s favor.

    Obama’s presence in the meet may set him a bit wrong in the eyes of those who viewed him as a hard-core leftist. However, for most of the nation, there could be some solid benefits with Obama supporting the cause for better fiscal improvements. He has already made a solid and trenchant promise to protect the labor and the middle class folk from the pressure of taxes. However, this may also mean that Obama may have made a false promise as he also promised earlier a contradictory view on the same matter.

    Obama’s men claim that they wish to bring an end to the tax relief that had been one of the positives of the infamous Bush era. However, this is being touted as a move for the US government to raise more money to strengthen the economy by utilizing resources and infrastructure. On the other hand, this is something that may eventually peter out as Obama is now concerned about developing the economy. This is once again because he wishes to consolidate his position about the next term after 4 years. However, as of now, Obama is backing up businessmen for their just cause.

  • The Issue of Federal vs State Politics in USA Mainstream Discourse

    Federal vs State politics in USA mainstream news is often sensitive and tendentious. One reason for this is that the conflict between states rights vs federal control has been around since the founding of the United States. In one way or another, this conflict affects issues regarding the Federal Reserve, Federal programs, civil rights, public education, healthcare, law, state regulations and just about anything else politicians can think of.
    Tracing the history of Federal vs State politics in USA mainstream discourse requires to philosophical foundations of the United States. In the early history of the U.S., the philosophical foundations the country was fiercely being debated by two opposing factions, the Federalist Party, which was led Alexander Hamilton, and the Democratic-Republican Party, led by Thomas Jefferson. Federalist supporters consisted of urban bankers and businessmen, many of whom favored Hamilton’s fiscal policies, while the Democratic-Republicans were largely supported by yeoman farmers from the South, many of whom also supported states-rights and agrarian economics.
    In the early days after the American Revolution, most Americans still saw themselves, not as Americans, but as citizens of their respective states (e.g. Virginians or New Yorkers). It was only after the War of 1812 that Americans began developing a sense of collective national identity. However, even with this collective consciousness, there were still sharp divides between those who favored a strong central authority and those who favored state autonomy.
    Those in the north and north-east part of the U.S. were more inclined towards banking and industry, and they favored a more centralized model of government. On the other hand, those to the south, favored a more agrarian society, not to mention states rights. These issues never changed because the conditions which allowed them to exist also never changed. Eventually these fault lines would explode in the American Civil War, when the North imposed taxes and trade restrictions on the South favoring those of the North. From a state’s rights point of view, the Federal government was being used by banking and industrial interests to promote their own interests at the expense of rural societies in the South and certain parts of the expanding Midwest.
    When you look at the voting patterns of different states, Midwest and southern states tend to vote Republican, the default party of states rights, whereas major urban areas and commercial centers tend to vote Democrat, the default party for stronger Federal control. In order to understand the difference between Federal and State politics, one must understand the forces behind them, and what motivates them to support their political positions.
    Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, business leaders and classical libertarians typically favor states rights, citing, in their defense, the ideas of the American founding fathers as well as the constitution. Moreover, people and groups who support states politics and states rights typically prefer less government interventions, and regard any interference by the Federal government as harmful not only to their interests but also to their liberty. As people who have little interest in the banking and commercial centers of New York, Los Angeles and other major cities, they tend to be quite suspicious of Federal control and view it as instruments to undermine their own sovereignty and interests in favor of those who are in power.
    On the other hand, those who support Federal politics call typically belong to the Democrat party, along with socialists, urban leaders, government employees, labor unions and racial minorities. These groups typically side with the Federal government because of their positions on healthcare, access to social welfare, education and government funding. Those who favor strong Federal control typically take the view that the government is more suited for solving America’s problems than any other institution, which is why they favor more Federal intervention in order to uphold the common good of the country, as they perceive it.